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Real Time

Take your loyalty-programme to the next level by going mobile. With Qollect-it you are ready to go within minutes.

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Reward Points

Reward returning customers with loyalty points. Just scan their QR-Code And reward points. It’s as simple as pointing your device to your customers Qr-Code.

Define Rewards

Define as many rewards as you want. The sky is the limit.
10 points = 1 free Coffee
100 points = A firm handshake from the manager.

Make Your Mark

Get new returning customers with ease. Just let them know where your venue is located and what you offer. Our users are always looking for new experiences and are, by definnition, looking for venues they can return to regularly.

Share Your Deals

Offer discounts, deals and specials to potential customers in your proximity and be discovered by a new returning customer-base.

Reach Your Customers

Use our in-app communication methods to reach existing customers and invite them to another visit. With Qollect-it you can even send direct push-notifications within seconds and at no additional costs.

Instant Feedback

After every visit your customers can give you instant feedback. From now on you will know that your customers love you after each and every visit

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Give us a quick heads-up and we'll send someone over to show you the app and answer any questions.

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